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Strong families need:

  • a strong economy
  • comfortable living spaces
  • a safe city
  • the best educational conditions
  • modern mobility
  • diverse athletic, cultural, and religious possibilities

Dear citizens of Görlitz,

There must be further perceptible advances in the development of our European city Görlitz-Zgorzelec over the next five years. The opportunities for this are already present, and we will commit ourselves to this endeavor with all of our strength. The positive developments of the past few years were the result of sound municipal policies. In the future, Görlitz will continue to require these value-oriented policies of expertise, sound judgement, and humanity, as they have met great challenges in recent years. With industry, courage, expertise, and close connections to citizens, we in the CDU wish to advance our city of Görlitz with you, without surrendering the roots of our values, Christian beliefs, and traditions. We want to steadily continue what previous generations established while further developing the inheritance of the next generation. For our families, we need a strong and future-oriented economy which enables long-term family planning, education, prosperity, safety, and communion in our home and region: the European city Görlitz/Zgorzelec.

CDU Görlitz, advancing Görlitz together!

Gerd Weise, CDU-Stadtrat, Listenplatz 7


Family, education, order, and commerce as cornerstones of a positive future

  • The development of economic partnerships.
  • Strengthening the cooperation between training organizations and Görlitz’s schools.
  • Strengthening secondary schools as the institutions which educate children for our economy.
  • A communal concept of security to stem crime in border areas.
  • Development of further commercial spaces to facilitate business growth.
  • Revival and redevelopment of existing commercial spaces in inner-city mixed zones in support of young businesses.
  • Promotion of innovative business ideas in cooperation with institutions of higher education.
  • Promotion and consultation of young families who wish to acquire living spaces in Görlitz.
  • Extension of the order enforcement office to implement order.
  • Redesigning Görlitz’s road transport in order to better suit the needs of children and elders.
  • Improve the city’s cleanliness.
  • More forcefully control border crossings.
  • More forcefully combat drug trafficking.
  • Construction and extension of schools.
  • Consequent improvement of school equipment in primary and secondary schools as well as special schools and vocational centers.
  • Development and modernization of public transportation.
  • Expansion of the “Tempo-30-Zone” in the inner city.
  • Strengthening of infrastructure for all providers engaged with children and youths.

I, Gerd Weise, have discovered that the ancient virtues of sincerity, truthfulness, order, friendliness, decency, and endurance are the cornerstones of a good society. As citizens of Görlitz from all walks of life, we will cooperate in developing a friendly city in which many young families will find their homes and master their futures through their own strength. As a city, we need further development toward family-friendliness and amity which will make our region economically bloom.

For this reason I ask you to support me in this endeavor.